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Our WLAN  Services

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Another aspect of a successful WLAN deployment is the physical installation of the access points and antennas.

It is extremely important to respect the vendor’s hardware installation guidelines and the recommendations outlined in the WLAN pre-installation site survey report.

These guidelines and recommendations result in a correct installation of the access points, which will be beneficial for the overall performance of the WLAN deployment.

Skyline Networks ensures that access points and antennas are installed as the survey intended, free from obstructions with the correct antenna polarity and antenna separation distance.

Access Point Mounting Accessories

It is often difficult to mount access points and antennas in such a way that they are free from obstructions.

Skyline Networks has it’s own product line of mounting accessories for various vendors’ access point and antennas that makes installations a breeze.

These accessories are designed ensure proper signal propagation of the antennas and to facilitate the job of the installer.


As strange as it may seem, the first part of a Wireless LAN installation is pulling cables to the access points to provide network connectivity.

During a Wireless LAN site survey, Skyline Networks can also assess the cabling job required to provide connectivity to your future WLAN infrastructure.

Our certified cabling engineers, qualified in both fiber and copper cabling, will get you connected.