Predictive Pre-installation Site Surveys

Often, a Wireless LAN project needs to be planned and budgeted before the actual building is even built. In this case, the only way to determine access point and cabling positions is to perform a predictive pre-installation site survey.

Using this method, projected cell coverage cells are created using modeling algorithms and attenuation values. This type of survey always requires a verification survey to ensure proper coverage and to determine sources of interference.

Onsite Pre-installation Site Surveys

An onsite pre-installation site survey is the favorable method of surveying. This is when the surveyor will go onsite and perform a coverage analysis and an interference analysis in the premises.

The coverage analysis determines the proper placement, power settings and antennas for the access points so that all requirements such as coverage, roaming, SNR and capacity are met.

The interference locates sources of potential interference that will disrupt Wireless LAN transmissions. Once these sources of interference are located, measures can be taken to remove the source or to work around the source.

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