Skyline networks is specialized in a professional range of wireless LAN services worldwide.  We offer customized services for every aspect of your Wireless LAN starting with pre-installation site surveys all the way through the verification and optimization phases.

A professional, pre-installation site survey is the foundation of a successful Wireless LAN project. As deployment and requirements of Wireless LAN projects become more complex, running several business critical applications at a time, it is important that only experienced, knowledgeable experts handle this task. Skyline networks has stream-lined and customized their site surveys in order to reduce overall costs and meet the individual needs of each project.

After your Wireless LAN infrastructure is installed, the ‘RF blanket’ must then be thoroughly examined to ensure that all application RF requirements are met. Through RF fine-tuning and optimization, Skyline networks’ verification site surveys provides the proof that the Wireless LAN infrastructure can support the needs of the customers expectations.

Professional Wireless LAN Services

Our WLAN  Services

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