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The Skyline


18 Dec 2017

The Skyline Blog Intro

by admin

Skyline Networks is a Belgian company that is specialized in a wide range of professional WLAN services. Our team of WLAN engineers is involved in WLAN projects all over the world. We consult our customers in every step of the WLAN deployment model starting with the WLAN RF design, to the installation, validation, optimization, and auditing to keep your wireless network healthy and to ensure an optimal user experience for all wireless clients.

While most of today’s RFP/RFOs are still focusing on a “one shot WLAN implementation survey” these days are long behind us. We approach a WLAN project as a process. A series of deployment/design steps that needs to be carefully followed during a WLAN deployment resulting in the decisive factor of whether the WLAN implementation was successful or not, namely the user experience of the wireless clients.

Through the Skyline Blog, we would like to engage ourselves in educating and bringing more awareness to our customers about every facet of this process combined with industry recommendations regarding WLAN deployment and WLAN RF design. We are also a proud member of the Wireless LAN Association (, an association that is currently creating standards for WLAN design, assessment, implementation, and validation which will benefit the WLAN industry as a full life-cycle standard.

Joeri De Winter & Justin Cetko