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WLAN Services

Health & Safety Audits

What about our safety?

When new access points are deployed in a building, some people could be concerned and might have questions like ”you are installing a microwave technology in our work environment, will this have an impact on our health?”.  
This type of question and many others are mostly asked by the health & safety division or union leaders of the company and when these items stay unanswered, they could slow down your WLAN project.
Skyline Networks can offer an electromagnetic field exposure health & safety audit, which will analyze the electromagnetic energy in the air in your building and verify if these energy levels do not exceed the thresholds of your local or European regulations regarding electromagnetic field exposure (EMF).
We can come on-site and explain the technology behind Wi-Fi and what the impact is on your working environment and install best practices to mitigate electromagnetic field exposure coming from Wi-Fi devices.

Need a health & safety audit?