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Cisco MNT ACC - Airborne, indoor, AIR-ANT 2566P antenna


This mounting accessory can be usefull in a warehouse, production or high ceiling area. It will hang by chains from the ceiling, beam or other structures so that the access point and the external directional antenna (AIR-ANT2566P) can be installed and directed in an optimal location (free from obstructions), which will improve overall signal quality.

The access point needs to be mounted to the mounting accessory with a ceiling clip or installed with a wall mount bracket (may need to drill additional holes).

Deliverables mounting accessory

  • Skymount-air-Uplate-C-2566P
  • Airborne Mounting Kit (5m Chains, Standard)
  • Skyacc-Support-Patch
  • Skymount-art-arm-C-2566P
  • Antenna not included!

Note: If the mounting accessory needs to be lowered more than 5m, please order the Airborne Mounting Kit XL.  

Order code: Skymount-air-Uplate-C-2566P


Airborne Mounting Kit XL

Airborne Mounting Kit XL => 10m Chains