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WLAN RF Design

WLAN RF Design




Gathering Information

The first step of each WLAN project is probably one of the most crucial steps before we can start the RF design process, the information gathering part. It’s highly important for us to understand what your expectations and business needs are from your new WLAN deployment so that we can adequately design to meet those expectations and future needs. Communication is essential here so that we can outline your specific business needs. One helpful tool here is our Request For Information (RFI) document. Based on this information and detailed floor plans of the areas where WLAN services are needed, we can provide you with a right offer for our services.




RFI Document

For this information gathering process, we will provide you a Request For Information (RFI) document where you can quickly fill in all you’re requirements.
No worries it will take only 5 minutes and if it’s too technical,
do please contact us and we are more than happy to guide you through the document ;-)


We provide 2 different types of "pre-installation" WLAN RF designs. As the WLAN RF design phase is the first step of the WLAN deployment model,we highly recommend always to validate each type of pre-installation WLAN RF design in the Verification phase...


This is an onsite hybrid WLAN site survey and is the recommended method for a pre-installation WLAN RF design. One of our WLAN engineers will come onsite to perform RF measurements which will be processed in an RF modeling software to create an optimal WLAN RF design in the pre-installation phase.


Often a WLAN deployment needs to be designed and budgeted while a building is still under construction or hasn’t been built yet. In this case, the only way to forecast or budget the number access points and cabling drops is to perform a predictive pre-installation WLAN RF design. We will import the floor plans in our RF modeling software and based on the WLAN requirements in combination with our onsite experience we can design an RF model that will reflect a realistic onsite WLAN RF design.

Need a WLAN RF Design?